My name is spelled "Šara." "Sha-ruh." I am both a city and country mouse.

Photography has enabled me to pull together my love for multiple artforms. Using my experiences as a songwriter, dancer, poet, and athlete, I draw from these identities simultaneously in the visual frame.  I see every position, every human interaction, every swaying tree as a kind of dance with engaging movement and design. Growing up in an intercultural family (Slovak-American), studying internationally (France, Brazil, Senegal, Cape Verde), I am interested in sharing stories about local and global cultures. With an BA in Creative Writing and Dance from Middlebury College, MA and PhD in Culture and Performance Studies from UCLA's Department of World Arts and Cultures, I have learned how to ponder the world as an ongoing glorious spectacle. Creative direction, storytelling, and documenting events in artistic ways are my specialties. My images are often inspired by landscape, with a focus upon movement, action, and interaction.

I speak English, French, and Portuguese and will never stop dancing. for complementary identities.

Press: Jamaica's Cultural Voice: